Shop Pay Installments: Your Flexible Payment Solution

Shop Pay Installments: Your Flexible Payment Solution

Here at Uniden, we understand that flexibility in payment options is crucial for your shopping convenience. That's why we're excited to offer Shop Pay Installments, a payment method designed to make your purchases more affordable by allowing you to split your total cost into easy, manageable payments over time. Make Shopping More Manageable!


NOTE: Shop Pay Installments is only available in the United States. To see costs, policies, other details about Shop Pay Installments, you can check our website. Some info is product dependent which is shown on the product page or during checkout. Shop Pay Installments is a third-party option. Your customer support for Uniden products will not change! We’re ready to help.


How It Works:

  1. Choose Shop Pay at Checkout: When you're ready to buy, simply proceed to checkout and select Shop Pay as your payment method.
  2. Select Installment Option: You will be given the option to pay for your purchase in installments. You can review the available installment plans and select one that suits your budget.
  3. Instant Approval, No Surprises: Complete a quick, simple approval process that doesn’t affect your credit score. Once approved, you'll see the detailed payment schedule, ensuring there are no hidden fees — if you pay on time.
  4. Automatic Payment Schedule: The first payment is charged when the order is processed. The remaining payments will be automatically charged to your card according to the schedule you’ve chosen.


Benefits of Using Shop Pay Installments:

  • Flexibility and Affordability: Spread your purchase over easy instalments, making big buys less daunting and more manageable.
  • Zero Hidden Fees: Enjoy no additional charges, provided you make payments on time.
  • Secure and Private: Your financial security is paramount. Transactions are processed using advanced encryption, ensuring your information is always protected.
  • Simple Setup: Experience a straightforward, hassle-free process to choose installment payments directly from the checkout page.


Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Order Amount: Shop Pay Installments are available for purchases within a certain price range (e.g., $50 to $1000). This range is subject to change and may vary by shopper and shopping history.
  • Approval: While there is a credit check, it’s quick and won't impact your credit score. Approval decisions are instantaneous, allowing you to complete your purchase without delays.


How to Use Shop Pay Installments:

It’s easy! When you finalize your selection and proceed to checkout:

  • Choose Shop Pay.
  • Opt for paying via installments.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm your payment plan.


Returns, Refunds, and Support Notes:

We aim to ensure clarity and transparency in our return and refund procedures. Below is a detailed explanation of what to expect during the process:

Customer Inquiry Regarding Refunds:
When you wish to return an item purchased on using Shop Pay Installments, and seek a refund, you would proceed as any typical transaction. The initial step requires submitting a refund request through our customer service department, providing the necessary details of the purchase and the reason for the return.

Processing Customer Refunds:
Once a return request is received, the standard procedure of assessing the item and processing the refund will follow. We aim to handle all refunds promptly to ensure customer satisfaction. However, with a third-party option like Shop Pay Installments, there are additional steps on our end to coordinate. A REFUND FROM UNIDEN DOES NOT CANCEL YOUR COMMITMENT TO SHOP PAY INSTALLMENTS. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO RESOLVE ANY ISSUES WITH SHOP PAY INSTALLMENTS DIRECTLY WITH AFFIRM.

Interaction with Shop Pay Installments:
Refund Issuance: Upon processing the refund, the customer will receive their money back for the amount paid up to the point of refund. The money goes to Shop Pay Installments.

  • Installment Payments: It's important to note that if the purchase was made using Shop Pay Installments, the refund does not automatically cancel your obligations to Shop Pay Installments. The customer must continue to fulfill their installment payments as Shop Pay Installments functions like a loan. Shop Pay will adjust the remaining payments accordingly based on the refund processed, which may reduce the installment amounts or the number of payments left.

Should you have any specific concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to our customer support. Shop Pay Installments is designed to give you peace of mind. Buy what you love and pay how you prefer—responsibly. We're here to ensure your shopping experience is seamless and satisfying every step of the way.